Is your website working its hardest?

Websites are getting more complicated all the time: SEO, looking right on smartphones, selling glitches, shrinking budgets, missed opportunities... how can you make the most of your site? 

Alison Knott is the consultant who turns websites into workhorses

Common Web Consulting Tasks

Planning & Auditing

  • Creating strategies for new and existing sites. (They need business plans too!)
  • Auditing a site based on your business needs and what your users really want
  • Adding new functionality to a site

Tracking Prospects/Visitors

  • Setting up funnels or email campaigns
  • Funnels
  • Making better decisions by tracking visitors
  • Social media integration

Branding & Marketing

  • Audit existing content to align better with your brand
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Landing pages and webinars
  • Selling services and goods online

Project Management/Support

  • Planning: how to do what task and when
  • Liaison between you and other developers, designers or hosting companies
  • Progress and focus check-ins

I love the web, and I love helping fellow business owners use it to their advantage.

I get it: you're stretched thin with time and resources. Even if you know what you should be doing with your site, you may be lost on how.

You were told your website was an investment, so you had one made, or did it yourself. You thought it would be easy, but the site lacks purpose, or you need it to do something different... something better. Your “investment” isn’t translating into dollars, and you know you need to level up your website somehow.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t require an entire marketing or web team. They just need me.
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Data Driven: Don’t assume you know what people do on your website. I don’t either. Instead, I focus on ways to capture data, and make it relate to your business goals. The web was built to measure, after all. Are you keeping track?

WordPress Wonder Woman: If WordPress was a car, I'd know how everything works under the hood, and can turn your hatchback into a hummer. Plus, I am a leader in the Canadian WordPress community and part of a network of other WordPress professionals. I know my stuff… so you don’t have to.

Design Dynamo: With over 10 years of print and digital design under my belt, I know how to translate your messaging into material that converts. I design based on ROI, not trends. The fact my work looks great is just a natural result of making sure I translate your vision into visuals, perfectly.

Satisfied Web Consultation Clients

Alison has an ability to identify our customers' online habits we weren't aware of and implement tweaks to our site to embrace them. Her process focused on our business goals, and we have a clearer vision of how to connect with customers once they’ve left our doors.

I recommend that any business owner who values their website add Alison to their marketing budget.

John Scott, Operations Manager
Steak and Stein Family Restaurants

Without Alison I would be lost in a sea of how-to articles, plugin updates and lack of vision. She helps me bridge the gap between plans and actions, and to stay focused on the activities important to achieving my goals. She shows me 'how' when I want to know, and will do what I don't want to learn.

Her technological skill and experience, combined with her marketing background, puts her leagues ahead of any other web designer I've worked with. I absolutely trust Alison's advice and feel she has my best interests at heart.

Linda Daley, Owner
Daley Progress Inc.

When we needed insight on how to better engage with our readership online, Alison came highly recommend. From Google Analytics to managing developers, it seems there isn't anything Alison can't do from a website standpoint.

Her energy is contagious and her professional knowledge runs deep. We feel confident in decisions we make about our web strategy with Alison at our side.

Max Brennan, Publisher
OptiMYz Magazine Canada

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